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Prof. Dr. Do Yun Lee et. al. published a paper in Advances in Lung Cancer (ALC): Vol. 4, No. 1 (2015), having good results with Hyperthermia for advanced lung-cancer. It is accessible at:

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Hyperthermia one of the Top 10 Medical Treatments

We are very proud to inform you that Hyperthermia was selected as one of the Top 10 Medical innovations to fight against cancer in Thailand.

New book release

We are very happy to announce that Prof. Dr. Clifford Pang's new book has just been published by CRC Press. Prof. Dr. Pang is the former president of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society, he has been using the Hyperthermia technology for a long time. He is pioneering the combination of the traditional Chinese medicine with western therapies, especially taking attention on hyperthermia applications. The book "Hyperthermia in Oncology" is available via Amazon.

Hyperthermia as with lower chemo-dose or monotherapy

Hyperthermia has a great synergy with chemo- and rad iotherapies, [1]. The conventional heating and the applied modulated electric field are also s ynergetic, [2] . The general consensus of Hyperthermia treatment is harmonized with the ethica l and legal issues.

Cervix Carcinoma

Investigator: Prof. H. Renner Department: Klinikum Nord, Nurnberg, Germany Patient: H.K, 61 y, female; Cervix carcinoma; cT4 cNo M0 G3 Histology: Squamous cell carcinoma; Therapy: 12/06-01/07 bimodality therapy, Radiotherapy:50.4 Gy;(5x1.8 Gy/weeks); Hyperthermia: 6 sessions.

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Teating Brain Tumors

The Article reports about our medical Trainer Prof. Dr. Alexander Herzog from Nidda - Bad Salzhausen, who treats the 4years old girl Alexia from Brisbane, Australia with Hyperthermia.

Alexia has a brain tumor (Ponsgliom) and her doctors in Australia make little hope. After a radiation the girl was rated as untreatable. Her mother found the specialized clinic of Prof. Dr. Herzog. For three weeks the little girl is under medical treatment.

Prof. Dr. Herzog said: "The tumor is a ticking time bomb and we can not save Alexia's life, but we can extend it."

We wish Alexia and her family all the best and hope, we are able to report a few month later that she┬┤s still alive and she is getting better.


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